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NORTENT Gamme 4 is a spacious and solid tent. A big "home" for 4 people with 2 entrances. When using the inner tent, there is room for 4 people with space for luggage. Gamme 4 is designed for the most inhospitable conditions. Spacious but at the same time mobile and light in relation to what this tent has to offer. Gamme 4 has a total of 5 poles that crosses at seven different points. In addition to the fact that this tent is free-standing with five aluminum poles, The Gamme 4 provides a hugely strong construction that can withstand severe weather and heavy snow-load. A "cabin" to carry in the bag.  Our inspiration for this tent comes in fact from an ancient Norwegian form of a hut. The Gamme has been used since the first people came to Norway and used by the Sami until today. The Gamme gave shelter and security to the indigenous people over centuries. Like all our tents, the Gamme also has storm-flaps all around the tent to make the tent even more stable with snow, sand or stones over the flaps. A 4-season tent that provides shelter and protection in most conditions. Summer and winter. Even without the guylines, the tent stands very firmly in the wind. But when needed, the tent has a total of 10 guylines. A truly versatile 4 man tent for the vast majority of adventures and expeditions.


Although this is a spacious tent with sleeps for 4 people, the tent is quickly and easily to set up if you are alone, even in bad weather. If you choose the inner-tent (purchased separately) this can be fitted together with the tent itself and carried mounted in the backpack. However, if one wishes to carry inner tent and outer tent separately to distribute weight and space, this can easily be dismantled / mounted and carried separately in separate backpacks. An important design-detaill to notice is that we have designed the poles on the outside of the tent where the poles carry the outer tent, not the inner tent as with many other tents. This means that the outer tent can be set up without an inner tent and consequently also set up before the inner tent if these are separated. We believe it is important to mount the inner tent in the shelter of rain and wind.

We know when leaving for an adventure, you have a lot of gear packed down. Equipment that one needs to keep track of. This is why we have equipped the inner tent (which is purchased separately) with 4 pockets that should be able to hold and keep track of most of your small gear. In addition, you will find it possible to hang up cords and lanterns in both the inner tent and the tent itself. You are also able to add optinal pockets for the inside of the flysheet.

The flysheet is of course 100% waterproof. But like every other quality tent with this type of fabric, the seams have to be lubricated with a special mix of silicon to become fully waterproof. But a sealed tent isn’t a perfect tent. It has to have good ventilation as well. The circulation of air inside the tent is essential. Without circulation, you will experience condensation on the inside of the outer tent. Ventilation is a key factor to avoid condensation. This is why the Gamme 4 is equipped with a total of 6 air-valves. 4 in the top of the tent where moist air is able to escape out of the tent, and 2 large air vents further down the tent for suction of air into the tent while providing plenty of oxygen if using a stove. All exposed areas on the outer fabric are reinforced with Dyneema fabric. Dyneema is considered the worlds strongest fabric. It is therefore perfectly appropriate that we have added this fabric to our tents.

For cold days, you may seal the doors in the inner tent completely (If you have an inner tent) For hot days you can open them, but still and at the same time have sealed mosquito nets that protect against insects. In addition, you will find mosquito nets in both entrances of the outer tent.

Gamme 4 is designed, thought and designed around a stove. Being able to have a warm, pleasant, and cosy tent is something we believe lifts the adventure to completely new levels. While the storm rages outside with ice-cold winds and rain, one can enjoy an indescribable comfort inside the tent with 20-30 degrees Celcius

  • 4 seasons.
  • Capasity: 4 persons. 2 persons with innertent
  • Flysheet: 
    Gamme 4 Arctic:
  • Plugs/ stakes: 24 aluminium Y-peg
  • Guylines: 10
  • Pole thickness: Black 13mm, red 11mm
  • Weight: Tent with stakes and poles: 5,8 kg
  • Height: 160 cm
  • Diameter: 315 cm


Although Gamme 4 is a spacious tent with a height of 160 cm and a diameter of 315 cm, the weight is only 5,8 kg. Not an ultralight tent. But light compared to size and construction. This because of the flysheet which consists of ripstop nylon coated with silicone on both sides. This combination provides an exceptionally light yet robust and strong fabric. We could of course make the tent even lighter with thinner aluminium poles and a thinner flysheet. But would compromise what we want to achieve in relation to stability and strength.

Inner tent
With the innertent in Gamme 4 you have the possibility of a more controllable indoor climate. In addition to a dry area, you also get a slightly more warm indoor climate and of course also keep those mosquitos away. The stove in the tent can be used together with the innertent where it is possible to obtain an incredibly warm and dry indoor climate regardless of the seasons. The inner tent can be opened up so you can utilize the entire tent and have an easy access to the stove.

In order to ensure flexible access and the possibility of optimal ventilation and an adjustable climate in the inner tent, there is an opening/ entrance both in front and in the back of the inner tent. In both entances there are both mosquito net and a"dense" nylon fabrics that can be used as needed, These are regulated with handy YKK zippers. On cold days, you can "bunk" the inner tent completely closed with the dense fabric in the openings. On warmer days you can open up, but at the same time keep mosquitoes and other insects away with mosquito nets in all openings.

We have also equipped the innertent with adjustable "hatches" in the ceiling that can be opened/ closed to more easily prevent condensation as needed. These are like all other openings equipped with mosquito nets.


We have designed the NorTent Gamme 4 to be a very flexible tent. We know different people have different needs, wishes and necessities when it comes to shelter when hiking in mountains and woods. Some prefer to use the tent without any inner or floor. Others may prefer just the inner, and some would prefer the tent with all possible available solutions. Because of this we have made a tent where you choose your soultions as needed where you are able to choose if you want a floor for your tent. The floor makes the tent a partial enclosed shelter for protection against insects and moisture from the ground below. However. In very humid and wet climate we always recommend using the inner-tent if not using a stove. NORTENT Gamme 4 has mosquito netting in all the openings where you are completely shielded even if both door-openings in the tent is open. This gives a very spacious impression . Our floor can also be used with our ultralight foldable stove.


When out for adventures in the wild we have been a little annoyed about first organizing all the small items in the backpack, and then unpacking them. Then reorganize them in the tent. To finally reorganize them in the backpack when moving on to new camp. We are talking about a lot of unnecessary time and energy spent. The idea with our tent pockets is that these should have more than only one function than being able to hang on the tent wall for storing equipment. With this in mind we have designed these tent pockets so that they work just as well as an organizer in the backpack as when they hang on the tent wall.

With these you have the opportunity to use the tent pocket as an organizer for much of your small equipment you often take with you on your adventures. Not just when you are in the tent. but also as an organizer in the backpack. Instead of packing the equipment itself in and out of tent pockets and backpack, you instead take the entire pocket, including all small equipment, out of the tent, roll it up, and pack it in the backpack. Easy, fast and effectively. All your small gear does not have to wander between a backpack and a tent pockets. Although the organizers / tent pockets can be used for many genereal storage purposes, they are designed to be a natural part of a suspension in our Gamme tents where the Gamme has a implemented setup for two sets of pockets.

Sidenote: For use only without an innertent


  • Nylon mesh-pockets
  • Suspension/ pocket to the tent for organizing equipment with a total of four pockets
  • Four zippers
  • Lighweight


Instructions - PDF