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Our ARCX-N fabric

Embarking on outdoor adventures demands gear that can stand up to nature's toughest tests, and at the core of our tent design philosophy lies our ARCX-N fabric. Developed through rigorous experimentation and innovation, ARCX-N represents the culmination of our tireless pursuit of fabric perfection. We understand that the fabric's thickness, density, and waterproofing are pivotal factors in creating a tent that not only provides shelter but also endures the rigors of the wild.

The thickness of the fabric determines its strength and resistance to abrasion, while the density of the threads in the flysheet contributes to its overall durability. Finding the right ratio of the above combined with nylon and silicone ensures that our tents offer reliable protection against rain, wind, and other harsh elements. Moreover, we've meticulously categorized the ARCX-N fabric into a range from the ultra-lightweight ARCX-N100 to the incredibly robust ARCX-N700, providing options tailored to diverse outdoor pursuits.

With our ARCX-N fabric, you can confidently explore remote trails, brave unpredictable weather, knowing that your tent's fabric is optimized for performance, durability, and comfort.