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The coating

The quality of the fabric also depends on the coating that is applied. Coating is required to make the material waterproof. The fabric normally used for low end tents, is polyester covered with a layer of polyurethane coating. It is a more economical way to achieve a waterproof flysheet. Unfortunately a flysheet coated with PU (polyurethane) is often prone to chemical degradation In addition the PU coating literally demolishes the tear strength in the fabric.

With silicone coated flysheet the case is very different. At NORTENT our choice of fabric is ripstop nylon coated with silicone on both sides. This is Silnylon. It is highly water repellent, elastic and durable. The waterproof qualities do not weaken too much over time. Silnylon is significantly stronger and lighter than PU coated fabric.

We have chosen silicone coating on both sides of the fabric as opposed to a silicone/PU combination that many manufacturers find attractive. Our double sided silicone makes the flysheet lighter, stronger and more durable. It is a little more cost expensive than silicone/PU. But for the upgrade in quality, we’d say it’s worth it Nylon impregnated with silicone is a very dynamic fabric. It stretches, moves, contracts and retains depending on temperature and humidity. For flexibility it is one of the best fabrics to choose for the flyshee