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Vern 1 PC - Extreme comfort in extreme conditions.

Introducing the NORTENT Vern 1 PC (polycotton) – a spacious haven meticulously designed for the solo adventurer. Weighing in at 3.5 kilograms, it's not just a tent; it's your lightweight fortress against the elements. Crafted from breathable polycotton fabric, this tent eliminates the need for an inner tent, offering more room than traditional nylon counterparts with the same exterior dimensions.

Ideal for extended mountain treks and traversing open plains, Vern 1 PC provides an unparalleled sanctuary. Its aerodynamic shape and versatile anchoring options ensure stability in diverse conditions, making it your steadfast companion against nature's unpredictability.

Embrace the elements without compromise. Let Vern 1 PC be your ally, allowing you to seamlessly merge with your surroundings and thrive in every adventure.

Where sleek design meets nature seamlessly. Our emphasis on quick, obstacle-free setup ensures you can have your tent ready in just 2-3 minutes with a little practice. Crafted with Dyneema, the world's strongest fiber, every inch of the outer fabric is reinforced, guaranteeing a durable and secure shelter. Dive into comfort with ease, as Vern 1 PC invites you to a swift, warm embrace within minutes.

Discover the meticulous craftsmanship of Vern 1 PC, where sophisticated lines seamlessly integrate with nature's beauty. Our focus on effortless setup, ensures that with minimal practice, you'll master pitching the tent in just 2-3 minutes. The ease of pitching the Vern 1 PC in severe weather is a breeze. Once set up, immerse yourself in the coziness of a warm and secure sleeping haven.

Furthermore, our commitment to durability is evident in the strategic reinforcement of all exposed areas on the outer fabric with Dyneema – hailed as the world's strongest fiber.

Embrace the perfect synergy of form and function as Vern 1 PC elevates your outdoor experience with unparalleled strength, comfort, ease and peace of mind.


We have used a fabric that takes the best from two worlds, with the good properties of synthetic fabric and the good properties of cotton. With the Hybrid fabric consisting of polyester and cotton, we present a strong, breathable and relatively light fabric, compared to a 100% cotton canvas. This means that you can still pack the tent into the backpack, with the breathable and insulating properties of a cotton tent. To prevent the polycotton fabric from absorbing dirt and moisture from the ground, we have installed a very robust nylon section at the very bottom of the tent. This is able to withstand a rougher treatment where you may load it with snow and stones to make the tent even more stable in inclement weather.

Vern 1 PC has a total of 3 poles that crosses at  different points. In addition to the fact that this tent is free-standing with three aluminum poles, Vern 1 PC provides a hugely strong construction that can withstand severe weather and heavy snow-load

Vern 1 PC has a relatively spacious awning to be a one-man tent where there is plenty of space for a backpack, shoes and other equipment. At the same time, the awning is well adapted for cooking and use of cooking equipment. At the awning you will find a spacious living area with plenty of space for one person where this space easily accommodates a 190x60 cm sleeping pad in addition to gear and clothes. For cold days you can seal the doors in the tent completely. For hot days you can open them, but at the same time, have mosquito net covering the entrances against insects.

We have equipped the tent with several opportunities for storage. For organising all the small equipment you bring on your trip that often and mysteriously seem to vanish.

On calm days you can open the whole side of the tent to get "nature" into the tent. On wet and harsh days, you can leave the entrance partially closed, but still be sheltered from the weather and wind. On a good old rainy day, you may like to close the entrance completely. But still, there is of course the possibility to make dinner and food in the awning. Vern 1 PC presents many different options to let nature into the tent, but at the same time protected from wind and rain.

Vern 1 PC is designed for use through four seasons. The three poles make the tent extremely firm, tight and robust no matter if the snow falls, or during extreme weather.The three poles also make the tent 100% free-standing. 

The  flysheet for Vern 1 PC is a hybrid fabric where  two different worlds come together. The polycotton fabric consists of a mixture of synthetic polyester and natural cotton. (PC polyester, cotton). Polyester reduces weight and at the same time helps to strengthen the fabric with its rip-stop properties compared to a 100% cotton fabric which would perform weaker in that regard. The cotton in the fabric makes the polycotton breathable in such a way that humid air passes through the fabric (does not hit the wall and create condensation), but at the same time protects against rain and precipitation from the outside. With the breathable fabric condensation is close to zero inside the tent. This means that you don't require an inner tent to protect from water dripping from the inside of the walls. The inner tent is more a necessity on synthetic, non-breathable fabrics, where condensation builds up more easily. The breathable fabric provides a minimum of condensation and the indoor climate is experienced as much drier and warmer compared to pure synthetic tents.

With that said. Even though cotton fabrics and tents are breathable, condensation can still occur, especially in damp and cold surroundings with little air movement. This is due to a combination of factors such as air circulation, temperature differences, and humidity:

Air circulation:
Tents are typically equipped with vents to allow air circulation. This helps remove humid air from inside the tent and brings in cooler, fresh air from the outside. However, when the warmer, humid air encounters cooler surfaces, like the tent fabric at night, it can lead to condensation. Air circulation and breathable fabric helps to mitigate, but not always eliminate, this issue. Nevertheless, cotton tents reduce condensation significantly.

Temperature difference:
Nighttime temperatures can be significantly lower than daytime temperatures, especially in mountainous areas or under cold weather conditions. This temperature difference can cause the humidity inside the tent to condense on the inner surface of the tent fabric. This is especially true in particularly humid environments, such as near water or a marsh. Again. Breathable fabric helps to reduce the condensation.

Air circulation:
If the tent is placed in a sheltered or quiet environment, it may have less air circulation, increasing the chances of condensation. Stagnant air makes it harder to remove the accumulated moisture inside the tent. This physical principle applies to all materials, breathable or non-breathable.

There will be situations where condensation occur, especially in environments where the air is stagnant (resulting in poor air circulation), damp, and cold. In such cases, condensation is unavoidable, driven by physical principles that are impossible to avoid. This holds true whether you are in a tent with breathable properties or a non-breathable one. Similarly, in a cold cabin with inadequate air circulation, these physical principles will lead to damp walls inside the cabin unless you ventilate or provide some form of heating. 

Breathable polycotton helps to reduce condensation considerably. But it is no magical wand that can bend the laws of nature. End users may however help further to avoid condensation by picking appropriate camping-grounds. Pitching the tent close to the water, stagnate airflow and low temperature. You will experience condensation as condensation is bound to physical principles mentioned above. So. Condensation is always a symbiosis between the design of the tent, the fabric, climate, surroundings and the knowledge from end-user.

  • 4 seasons
  • Capacity: 1,5 person
  • Fabric: Polycotton, 35% cotton 65% polyester
    • Nylon 70D: lower section/ floor, HH 10000 mm (3000 g)
  • Guylines: Dyneema 10 pcs
  • Pegs/ stakes: 18 aluminium Y-peg (144 g, 8 g each)
  • Pole: Three 9,5 mm high quality aluminium. (800 g)
  • Weight min: 3,6 kg 
  • Weight max: 4 kg 
  • Height: 100 cm
  • Length: 250 cm
  • Width: 200 cm



Instructions - PDF