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This impressive polycotton tarp is the perfect companion for all basecamps. With an impressive size of 580x440 cm, it provides ample protection and versatility. Weighing 5 kg, it is heavier than regular tarps, thus making it more suitable for basecamp setups where weight is not a significant concern. However, this added weight provides extra stability and reliability in windy and unstable weather conditions, making it easier to create a solid and durable basecamp area.


Why choose our tarp with polyctoon fabric:

  1. Durability: Polycotton, a blend of polyester and cotton, is renowned for its exceptional strength and durability. It withstands rough usage and can resist abrasion and tearing better than lighter tarps.

  2. Stability: The weight and construction of this Polycotton tarp provide stability, particularly in windy or unstable weather conditions. It helps maintain a secure and reliable shelter

  3. Longevity: Due to its durability and resistance to wear and tear, this tarp represents a long-term investment. It will endure for many years with proper care and maintenance.

  4. Breathability: Polycotton is breathable, allowing airflow through the fabric. This is especially important in hot and humid conditions as it helps reduce condensation and keeps you comfortable.

  5. UV Protection: Polycotton naturally provides UV protection, offering additional defense against the sun's harmful rays. This makes it an excellent choice for extended stays in the sun.

  6. Noise Reduction: Polycotton is also known for dampening noise from rain or wind, contributing to a more peaceful and comfortable night in the outdoors.

  7. Sound Insulation: Polycotton exhibits a degree of sound insulation, which can be beneficial for reducing ambient noise, especially when camping in busy areas or locations with significant natural sounds.

  8. Softness: Compared to materials like nylon or polyester, Polycotton is softer and more comfortable against the skin. This enhances the overall user experience, especially when touching or resting on the tarp.

  9. Versatility: This tarp can be used for various purposes, including camping, beach trips, picnics, hammock setups, and much more.

NORTENT Helleren is sewn in a so-called catenary cut. We have chosen this cut to reduce movement and flapping of the flysheet when it is windy. A flapping of the flysheet is annoying and in addition it makes unnecessary stress on the fabric. This often occurs with a traditional, square shape of a tarp. With a Catenary cut, it is easier to get a straight canvas where you avoid a great deal of flapping, and of course, the set up looks very cool.

  • Flysheet: Polycotton 65/35 - polyester/cotton
  • Stakes: 10 y-peg
  • Min weight (Without stakes, and guylines): 5,1 kg
  • Max weight (With stakes (200 g), guylines (80 g) : 5,4 kg.
  • Dimension: 580 x 440 cm