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NORTENT Helleren Extreme

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NORTENT Helleren Extreme is perfect for those who require a truly ultralight alternative that protects you from the elements, but where at the same time you don't want to compromise on durability and quality. The weight of the Helleren Extreme is an impressive 290 grams (without stakes and guylines) The 4 x 3 meters makes this a large but extremely light tarp. The Helleren Extreme is also a very exciting hiking equipment for those who want to expand their campsite with a roof over their head beyond what the tent can provide.


Helleren Extreme packs down to almost nothing where it can easily fit in your pocket. Although the tarp itself is 4x3 meters, we are proud to present a robust tarp of only 290 grams, and with minimal packaging volume. As the Helleren Extreme takes up minimal volume and weight, it is very exciting to use this together with the tent. You  get the opportunity to have a much larger area at the campsite that protects against the weather and wind. Helleren Extreme can thus be used as an extension of the tent. The Helleren tarp is versatile in relation to different needs and layouts. The grey color of the tarp is exactly the same as on our tents so that it becomes a natural part of the tent.

The bag for the Helleren Extreme is an integral part of the tarp itself in such a way that it becomes a natural pocket for various stash when the tarp is in use. So you don't have to be afraid of losing, or keeping control of the bag itself. The tarp is easily packed into its own pocket, which then also functions as a storage bag for the tarp.

The fastening arrangement for the guylines is a very important part of any tarp. These are the points that are exposed to forces when the weather increases, and when you tighten the tarp properly. On the Helleren Extreme, these areas are reinforced with Dyneema combined with a very durable rubber where you can attach walking poles, etc. We have spent a lot of time getting these right so that we get an optimal distribution of energy in this exposed area of the tarp. Here you will also experience that the materials are sewn together in a sophisticated way to precisely distribute the energy and power throughout the fabric.

Helleren Extreme comes with 8 feather-light stakes. Designed to withstand a lot of load, but at the same time be as light as possible. The pegs weigh as little as 9 grams per piece.

We know that when you are on an expedition with a tarp, you want to be able to attach it as easily and fast as possible to trees, etc. With this in mind we have mounted a hook at the end of each of the guylines in such a way that these can easily be attached to anything you find appropriate without thinking about various knots. When "living" outside, you often need a shelter very quickly. This is also the reason why we think you should be able to fasten the tarp quickly and easily.

To avoid unnecessary frustration of the guylines when the tarp is packed down, there are simple attachment points on each guyline where you are able to easily roll up the guyline to avoid the frustration of the cord tangled when unpacking.

NORTENT Helleren Extreme is sewn in a so-called catenary cut. We have chosen this cut to reduce movement and flapping of the flysheet when it is windy. A flapping of the flysheet is annoying and in addition it makes unnecessary stress on the fabric. This often occurs with a traditional, square shape of a tarp. In the wind, this flapping creates a lot of noise and fussing. This is something we try to avoid when staying at camp. With a Catenary cut, it is easier to get a straight canvas where you avoid a great deal of flapping, and of course, the set up looks very cool.

Our unique and special composition and structure in the fabric of Helleren Extreme gives us an almost feather-light fabric. It gives us the opportunity to offer you a super light, strong and durable alternative for protection against the elements. We think it is important to spend  time, effort and resources on being able to offer quality, security and predictability. 

  • Flysheet: Ripstop silnylon 10D, HH 2000mm
  • Stakes: 8 V-peg
  • Min weight Without stakes and guylines): 290 g
  • Max weight (With stakes (80 g), guylines (80 g): 450 g.
  • Dimension: 400 x 300 cm