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The process

All of our tents are designed and tested in Norway before going to production at our dedicated factory in China where we have staff that are trained and focused on quality when sewing our tents. The "final" product is actually a result of trial and error through thorough tests, use and investigation in a live environment in Norway. Here we collect real world data from the mountains and landscape in our own local environment. In this context we spend a lot of the time outdoors where the "final" product see daylight through a very laborious process, from design table to a "final" product. With that said. We are continuously improving our tents with the feedback from customers and our own experience as we in fact use these tent on our own expeditions all seasons. This gives us a unique opportunity to adapt and perfect the designs through an infinite and flexible process that makes the tent somewhat "alive" and adaptable, in the journey for perfection. It is precisely through our own expeditions and frequent use we evaluate which materials are appropriate and which materials are qualified for the intended use.