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Gamme - Gearpockets

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When out for adventures in the wild we have been a little annoyed about first organizing all the small items in the backpack, and then unpacking them. Then reorganize them in the tent. To finally reorganize them in the backpack when moving on to new camp. We are talking about a lot of unnecessary time and energy spent. The idea with our tent pockets is that these should have more than only one function than being able to hang on the tent wall for storing equipment. With this in mind we have designed these tent pockets so that they work just as well as an organizer in the backpack as when they hang on the tent wall.

With these you have the opportunity to use the tent pocket as an organizer for much of your small equipment you often take with you on your adventures. Not just when you are in the tent. but also as an organizer in the backpack. Instead of packing the equipment itself in and out of tent pockets and backpack, you instead take the entire pocket, including all small equipment, out of the tent, roll it up, and pack it in the backpack. Easy, fast and effectively. All your small gear does not have to wander between a backpack and a tent pockets. Although the organizers / tent pockets can be used for many genereal storage purposes, they are designed to be a natural part of a suspension in our Gamme tents where the Gamme has a implemented setup for two sets of pockets.

Sidenote: For use only without an innertent

  • Nylon mesh-pockets
  • Suspension/ pocket to the tent for organizing equipment with a total of four pockets
  • Four zippers
  • Lighweight