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NORTENT aluminium stakes

13 USD
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You often come home from a trip with fewer stakes than you went out with. Or you simply want to add extra stakes to your equipment. NORTENT aluminum pegs are made of an aluminum alloy that promotes the proper properties of tent pegs. A tent peg should be strong, endure a lot of stress, but at the same time be somewhat flexible so that it bends instead of breaking straight by too much stress. Our stakes are therefore made of an aluminum alloy in the 7000 series. This is perhaps the market's strongest aluminum alloy, where our alloy has a degree of 7001 aluminum.. This is a degree of aluminum that promotes what we believe are important properties of a tent peg. Strong, but at the same time somewhat flexible. 

We have attached a cord in every stake so that these are easier to pull out of the ground. In this handy  bag there are 10 high quality pegs.

  • Degree of aluminum: 7001
  •  Y-peg
  • Length: 15 -20 cm
  • Weight with cord: 8 -24 g, each.
  • Bag with 10 pcs