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Threadcount and density

Backpacking tents are often made from polyester or nylon. Nylon is generally stronger and more durable than polyester. Add ripstop to it, and you get a very durable fabric. The tear strength of the materials depend on the chosen thread thickness. and the density of the thread.

The scale of measure is ”D” for denier which is an indication of the yarn weight. The density of the thread is called threadcount. The thicker the thread and the higher the threadcount, the stronger the tear strength. But also , the heavier the fabric becomes. In example, a 10D flysheet can be very light and therefore attractive to the superlight hiker. But the tear strength will be weaker and material less durable than say a 20D fabric.

Well. It is not that simple.. Other details also play a part. that we will address later on..We have made a fabric which we find is appropriate for each tent, that gives the required tear strength without compromising too much of the lightness of weight.