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The advantage of in-house tent poles

When it comes to choosing the poles for our tents, we take a unique approach by producing our own dedicated poles rather than using the well known DAC poles. So. Why would we do such a thing as DAC poles are renowned for their durability and performance. Instead, our choice stems from the flexibility and control it affords us in the manufacturing process.

By designing and producing our own tent poles, we gain the ability to tailor every aspect of their construction to our exact specifications. This level of customization allows us to optimize factors such as weight, strength, and flexibility to perfectly complement the design and intended use of each tent model in our lineup.

Moreover, having complete control over the pole manufacturing process enables us to seamlessly integrate new materials, technologies, or design innovations as they emerge. This agility ensures that our tents remain at the forefront of innovation, incorporating the latest advancements to enhance their performance and user experience.

Furthermore, producing our own poles eliminates the need to rely on external suppliers, streamlining our supply chain and reducing potential delays or disruptions. This vertical integration not only enhances our operational efficiency but also allows us to maintain tighter quality control over every component that goes into our tents.

While DAC poles are undoubtedly a high-quality option, our commitment to using our own dedicated poles is driven by a desire for unparalleled flexibility, customization, and control over the manufacturing process. This approach enables us to deliver tents that are meticulously tailored to meet the unique needs and preferences of our customers, while staying ahead of the curve in terms of innovation and performance.

By producing the poles ourselves, we can carefully work to achieve the optimal balance between strength and flexibility. It's not just the aluminum alloy that determines how sturdy the poles are – thickness also plays a crucial role. Poles that are too thick can become overly stiff and inflexible, while poles that are too thin may lack the strength needed to withstand external forces.

Through ourwork, experience and testing, we stribe to find the perfect balance for each tent model – a balanced thickness that provides sufficient strength to keep the tent stable and structurally sound, without compromising the necessary flexibility to handle wind and movement. This fine-tuning of thickness and material composition is something we can only achieve by having complete control over the manufacturing process.

This approach ensures that our poles are neither too brittle and fragile nor too weak and yielding, but rather maintain the right combination of robustness and pliancy for optimal performance across various weather conditions and terrain.