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Mind the gap!

Mind the gap! When setting up a tent, it is crucial to properly assemble the poles without any gaps between the joints. Gaps in the pole joints can significantly weaken the tent's structure and increase the risk of pole breakage during setup.

Proper pole assembly is not only important for the durability of the pole, but also for ensuring that the tent pitches properly. Gaps in the pole joints can cause the tent to be unstable and not pitch correctly, resulting in poor support and increased risk of collapse in high winds or inclement weather.

To ensure proper pole assembly, it is important to take the time to assemble the poles without any gaps. To ensure the overall strength of the pole.

Proper assembly of tent poles without any gaps between the joints is a critical step in the tent setup process. Neglecting this step can increase the risk of pole breakage and damage to the tent.

When setting up the tent, it is important to avoid using excessive force in any way. Using too much force can damage the tent's poles or fabric, potentially rendering the tent unusable. It can also lead to injury if a pole snaps. Rule of thumb: If you are using a whole lot of force when pitching the tent, you are doing something wrong. It is important to note that most breakage of tent poles occurs during pitching the tent as the poles are most prone to breakage at this stage. They are in fact constructed for optimal strength when installed to the tent itself.