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Aluminium poles

For the aluminum poles and pegs we use different factories. For our lightweigh tents where every gram counts we use poles supplied by DAC. The featherlight DAC poles are specialized in providing thin, superlight, yet flexible and strong poles. But again. DAC poles are somewhat more expensive to produce and are only marginal stronger than our aluminum poles provided from other factories. However. We feel it is appropriate with DAC poles on our smaller tents where weight does really matter. As we do see a difference for the thinner and lighter poles comparing DAC poles with other factories. These are of course important factors when going for an ultralight tent when providing a light, yet strong alternative. '

This is by far not the same case when moving over to the thicker and bigger poles used on our bigger tents. Here we find close to no difference when it comes to strength, flexibility and durability. We have also put a lot of work into making these poles with the right flexibility and strength. As we want the poles to bend, not break when exposed to heavy winds or loads.This is also why we in fact do not see many of our poles actually break. If they for some reason do break, this is very often because of mistakes that are related with setting up the tent.

So. for the aluminum poles used with our bigger tents, we use aluminum poles in cooperation with dedicated aluminum factories with our own aluminum alloy based on the 7000 series. Carefully picked factories that we know are able to live up to our standards. For the aluminum poles used on our smaller tents where every gram counts, and the poles needs to be very thin, we carefully consider aluminum featherlight DAC poles