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Aluminium poles

In the world of outdoor gear, the aluminum poles and pegs we use are super important. They're like the backbone that supports our commitment to quality. We work with different factories, carefully developing the poles and pegs for dedicated reasons. What makes our tents stand out is not just putting parts together. it's the careful selection of materials, particularly our custom-made aluminum poles designed exclusively for our brand. All poles are made of aluminium in the 7000 series. Aluminum poles from the 7000 series excel in a superior strength-to-weight ratio. This specialized alloy combines high tensile strength with lightweight properties, making the poles robust yet remarkably light. 

When we talk about lightweight tents, where every bit of weight matters, our dedication to being top-notch shines through. The aluminum poles we use aren't just regular ones you can pick off the shelf. These poles are carefully designed to be thin, super light, and really strong adapted to our goals and our tents.

In the world of bigger tents, it's not just about having a strong structure; it's about finding the right balance between being strong and flexible. Our poles are made not to break when things get tough but to bend gracefully. In tough conditions where our tents are put to the test, these poles stand strong, bending and flexing without giving in.

To wrap it up, whether it's the lightweight tents or the bigger ones, our aluminum poles are not just randomly chosen. They're crafted to match the standards and needs of our brand. They represent our commitment to quality, precision, and our constant effort to give outdoor lovers gear they can rely on.