The importance of a quality zipper

In previous posts we have pointed out how important quality is for us. And that end-users should be left with a safe and good experience. The quality of the fabric is of course very important. But a tent is not stronger than the weakest joint. Therefore, the quality of the zipper is also very important in relation to the overall assessment of a tent. The optimal choice of fabric and other solutions is almost wasted, If the quality of the zipper is poor. If the zipper becomes defective, the tent often becomes useless. Therefore, we think that the zipper must be of at least as good quality as the rest of the tent. There are countless types of zippers out there. Just think of all the different zippers most of us have had experience with on clothes, bags, equipment, etc. And as you perhaps have seen. When the zipper fails, the jacket, the bag, the equipment etc. is useless.



There are many good zippers, and many bad ones. To save money and give the end-user a less expensive product, it may be tempting to cut the cost of the zipper as this is something the consumer often do not pay to much attention too. We are not of this opinion. We think the zipper, often the Achilles' heel of a tent, must have the highest quality. A zipper we can count on and which the end user are able to trust to do the job throughout the lifetime of the tent. That's why we've also have chosen the best of the best among zippers. Our choice is the YKK zippers that is world famous for its exceptional quality. YKK is the zipper's Rolls Royce. YKK is known for its quality where the history of this brand dates back to 1934 and is today world-leading. Not without reason, because these zippers are highly reliable, solid and high quality. This is the standard we expect together with the rest of our tents.