About us

The search for the perfect hiking-gear is the reason why we stopped searching and instead took the matter into our own hands to produce our own gear. On many of our trips we have often been annoyed by tents and equipment that have either been too heavy, too cramped, too flimsy, too difficult to set up, etc. There is always something. The perfect gear in the wild for us is spacious, lightweight, safe, easy to set up and of course comfortable, Equipment you can rely on in any situation, all seasons. After all, it is all about having the right equipment in the bag that promotes the feeling of well-being when you are walking in the mountains or deep forests. If you have a comfortable trip, the experience and memories is easily brought to the next expedition. And the urge and yearning for the nature becoomes even stronger. For us it is important to be able to stop where we want, stay overnight where we want, make camp, and know that we are comfortable and safe. Crawl into the sleeping bag warm and satisfied without worrying about a storm, rain or cold.  Yes, now we are talking about the exceptionally good feeling of being free together with nature.